If it wasn’t for words, I wouldn’t know how to put lies between me and everyone else, just by how I use them.

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I know there are a lot of dark writers on my friends list here. So I wanted to pass this link along if you are looking for dark inspiration. I discovered Dennis Cooper when I was 15, I was a twist of a girl, most days I didn’t know what I was inside, but oddly enough Dennis Coopers stories, really helped me dig myself out.

I liked all of the books in this cycle of writing but I think Try is my favorite. Mostly because of Ziggy’s devotion to Calhoun his junkie best friend who he’s in love with. 

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Why is it I feel a new nostalgia for the era of the guillotine?

Dennis CooperThe Marbled Swarm (via cyprostat)

The table of contents of the Dennis Cooper edited zine, Little Cesar. Issue #5 (Rimbaud themed).

excerpt from a Dennis Cooper interview at Dazed Digital


For a writer of your generation, you’re kind of incongruously overflowing with optimistim about the future of literature, aren’t you?

Dennis Cooper: There’s this weird thing among writers of my generation: they just stop paying attention to young writers. And I don’t, obviously. To me, something like alt lit is just the most exciting thing ever, because there’s so much work out there now. I just don’t see any argument against it. In your own career or whatever, you end up being pigeonholed - and I certainly have been - and you end up being left in this corner. That’s never really bothered me, but I think it bothers other people; that younger writers get a lot of attention, and the older generation of writers, who are already known, don’t get that kind of flashy attention. But I don’t care about that at all. 

But it’s not unusual for a writer getting into his sixties to bemoan the effect that the internet has had on literary culture. Your view seems the opposite of that…

Dennis Cooper: Oh completely the opposite, yeah, absolutely. The internet created this whole new space for writers to connect and create these communities, with new presses and online presses and stuff. All these new writers that I really like; a lot of them are using the internet the way we used paper, you know? So the internet itself is a form for literature now. I mean, it’s against the whole idea of the book, in a way. But that’s really exciting. It makes it more accessible, and it’s affordable. I think the internet’s been a huge, huge, huge help. Plus it gives you all these new forms to co-opt and manipulate into your writing. Language is being reinvented really fast now, because of the way people write on the internet. I see it all as an extremely positive thing. 

So it’s an enrichment, rather than an impoverishment of language that’s going on?

Dennis Cooper: 
Yeah! When I was a kid and there was psychedelic literature and all that stuff, people said that about that stuff too. It’s just nonsense. It’s conservatism. I have no patience for that. It’s ridiculous. I mean, music keeps changing, and reinventing itself all the time. Why shouldn’t language? Twitter, Tumblr, and Instagram and all these things: they’re giving you all these new spaces to work in, and ways to think about structure, and the way things are placed on the page and all that stuff. It’s a totally rich vein to be mined. People get stuck in this thing of wanting to write conventional literary novels – and that’s fine – but I don’t know why you wouldn’t want to keep getting better, and to try and do more with writing. But people don’t. They just get stuck in their ways, and that’s the way it is. 

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The sun’s creepy, a hard piece of scalding red shit that has no consciousness of its own, so Nate can’t tell it anything real like, Go away.

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reading the first of The George Miles Cycle.

Being young is kind of a dangerous time. People take a lot of chances. I did all kinds of stuff that I can’t believe I did. Or just that feeling where if you have a crush on someone it’s like the most intense thing ever. The longing and feeling—the connection you make with people—is so incredibly intense, and I like thinking about it.

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really great interview with Dennis Cooper about his new poetry book The Weaklings (XL) 
In my writing, I try to study the imagination, and what is the imagination and what is not. Most of the stuff that happens in my books is about the imagination, and is framed as a kind of theater or fantasy or dream. Most of the stuff in the books is not really happening. So I made a decision, because I was fascinated by all this stuff – but I’m not a bad person – that I was going to let my imagination do whatever it wanted, and I wasn’t going to be afraid of it. If I wanted to think about killing somebody, then I would let myself imagine it and not judge it.

Dennis Cooper

Dennis Cooper’s “Gone: Scrapbook 1980-1982” from Infinity Land Press

# 7 was meat, a veritable cow cursed to live complexly like a boy, as in the children’s stories, his clothes as tacked on as a circus dog’s tuxedo, and, whether you can see him through my specializing eyes or not, they’re the only contact lens that can get you safely through the rest of this.

The Marbled Swarm - Dennis Cooper (via sck501)
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